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  • Problems with anchors and alpha transparency filters in IE6

    If you use the Microsoft filter CSS property to allow support for an alpha transparent PNG on an element, any links directly within that element are not clickable (in Internet Explorer 6 only). The problem is explained and a solution put forward that will make your links clickable again.

  • Enabling cross-site scripting XSS via an iframe

    Communication from an iframe that has content from a domain other than the one the iframe is contained within is a constant source of frustration - as browsers prevent this kind of activity due to built-in security policies. Here is a technique to perform cross-site scripting (XSS) in just such an environment with example code and a real-world example.

  • How to target specific IE browsers using just HTML?

    Conditional comments are totally valid markup (for HTML as well as XHTML doctypes) that cause IE browsers running in Windows to parse the contents of the commented markup.