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Posts tagged with “ CSS ”

  • Use CSS pseudo classes to enhance accessibility

    It is very simple to add some CSS rules to make your site more accessible. Read on to find out how you can use pseudo classes to provide extra support for keyboard users in all browsers (including Internet Explorer).

  • How do you vertically centre content using CSS?

    Find out how to do vertical centring (vertical alignment) of content using just CSS (and some div elements).

  • Problems with anchors and alpha transparency filters in IE6

    If you use the Microsoft filter CSS property to allow support for an alpha transparent PNG on an element, any links directly within that element are not clickable (in Internet Explorer 6 only). The problem is explained and a solution put forward that will make your links clickable again.

  • How to create rollovers without using Javascript

    Using just CSS, you can do simple (and more complex) rollovers... no javascript required. This post shows how to apply this technique to your own pages with ease - whether it's a colour change or a more complex image swap.

  • How to use “clearfix” CSS to clear floats without markup

    Here we extended the normal rules for clearfix and provide a complete CSS solution to clearing floated elements (ensuring that a parent element inherits it's floated child element's height). A complete clearfix redux.

  • How do I display alpha transparent PNGs across all browsers?

    Find out how you can use alpha transparency successfully across all browsers - and specifically IE 6 for Windows.

  • How to get consistent font sizes across all browsers

    Whether you specify your element's font size in pixels, points or ems, you can be confident that text will look the same across browsers on Mac and Windows with this simple set of CSS rules.