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I'm a professional web developer working in London, UK and have been teaching, coding and mentoring HTML, CSS and Javascript since the early 90's. I work on large website projects during the day, and come home to enjoy Thai food, fine wines and the company of friends in the evening.

Posting history

  • How to prevent page reloading with a non-submitted form

    This technique informs the user if they navigate away without submitting the form on the page (whilst letting them change their mind and remain on the page). Useful to prevent the loss of unsaved changes on a web form.

  • Tips on converting strings into numbers

    I recently ran into some strange behaviour using parseInt() to convert a string into an integer. It turns out that passing in the base (radix) of the number that the string prepresents is important to ensure the desired behaviour.

  • When is a task considered to be Done?

    When is some code considered to be Done? Is it Done when you have finished writing the code? When you have finished testing the code? What has to happen to a story/task before it is allowed to be called Done?

  • How do I display alpha transparent PNGs across all browsers?

    Find out how you can use alpha transparency successfully across all browsers - and specifically IE 6 for Windows.

  • How to get consistent font sizes across all browsers

    Whether you specify your element's font size in pixels, points or ems, you can be confident that text will look the same across browsers on Mac and Windows with this simple set of CSS rules.

  • How to target specific IE browsers using just HTML?

    Conditional comments are totally valid markup (for HTML as well as XHTML doctypes) that cause IE browsers running in Windows to parse the contents of the commented markup.

  • How do I choose a Doctype?

    When should you choose a transitional doctype over a strict one? What is the correct usage of the frameset doctype? This post gives you all the details you need to choose the right doctype for your web site.

  • What is Javascript?

    JavaScript is an object-based scripting programming language based on the concept of prototypes. The language is best known for its use in websites, but is also used to enable scripting access to objects embedded in other applications.