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About Code Couch


Code Couch is developed and maintained by Dan Nye and Jeff Home, owners of Coedit Limited, a web solutions provider based in the UK with sister companies in Melbourne and Auckland.


Code Couch is a repository for code snippets, tips, articles, and general information regarding web development. Some of the content was written for our own use, some for fun, and some in response to questions other people have asked on other technical sites, such as Tek-Tips, where we are both active posters.


We wanted an organised means of storing information that we find useful in our day-to-day work. We also wanted to be able to access, search, and update that information from anywhere in the world. Backups are fine to a point, but they soon become outdated. Moving our “snippet library” online seemed the perfect solution, and so Code Couch was conceived.

We soon realised that we could expand the system to allow anyone to access it, and so decided to make the information available for everyone, as a thank you to all the anonymous posters who have helped us in the past.

Using code from Code Couch

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If you would like to get in touch with us regarding consulting work, please use the contact form at www.coedit.co.uk.

Bits & bobs

Old date stamps: Some of the posts have date stamps from before Code Couch was launched. These posts were created on that date, and so this has been kept for reference. In some cases, it adds context, e.g. “Microsoft finally retires IE 5 for the Mac” on December 15, 2005.